LaTeX Resume Class


This is a LaTeX document class intended for use when writing resumes. It is loosely based off parts of the Resume class developed by RPI, but has been rewritten from ground up. To keep the class file minimal, only one style is supported---please see my resume for an example of the produced format. The source of my resume is included in this repository as an example.


Instruct LaTeX to use the resume class in the preamble of your document:



The letterhead provided by this document class prints the resume author's name, a horizontal line, and two address sub-headers, one floated left and the other floated right. To put a letterhead in your document, use the letterhead command.

\letterhead{<Name>}{<Address 1>}{<Address 2>}


Each section will generate a small-caps header in the left margin. Use sections exactly as you would in any other LaTeX document:



The experience macro produces a section with a header containing information about the experience and a list of statements regarding the experience. The experience macro is used as follows:

\begin{experience}{<Job title>}{<Company>}{<Dates>}{<Location>}
    \item <Statement describing experience>


The project macro is similar to the experience macro, but it does not expect a title or location. Use the project macro as follows:

\begin{project}{<Project name>}{<Project sub-title>}{<Dates>}
    \item <Statement describing project>


The activity macro lists activities, positions held, and dates.

\activity{<Activity title>}{<Positions held>}{<Dates>}

If no positions were held, use the macro as follows:

\activity{<Activity title>}{}{<Dates>}

Note the inner {}.

Awards / Honors

The award macro is similar to the activity macro, but does not include an argument for officer position.

\award{<Award title>}{<Dates>}